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  • No preconceived notions
    Consumers express themselves freely and spontaneously. We do not use questionnaires or research panels in our analysis.
    Qualitative verbatims, photos, videos, drawn from various social media sources.
  • Significant volumes of data, in real time
    Our analysis is based on representative samples of consumer mentions, collected in real time, and filtered with artificial intelligence tools.
  • An international vision
    Our platforms gather consumer mentions from all over the world. Over 80% of our research is carried out simultaneously in multiple countries.
  • Fast turnaround times
    The easy access to data and the agility of our processes allows us to deliver results in a few weeks.
  • Recommendations and support
    Several meetings (from kickoff to delivery and presentation) to better advise and overcome concerns.


  • Drink Moon Milk for a good night's sleep
    • 01/2021
    • FOOD

    Drink Moon Milk for a good night's sleep

    In France and in the US, for several weeks now, the most natural and safe sleep remedy used is “Moon Milk”, made from Indian spices like ashwagandha, nutmeg and turmeric. This cozy milk-based drink helps improve sleep and relaxes both body and mind. With more than 13K Instagram posts using the hashtag #moonmilk, people seem drawn to this dreamy, colorful drink that uses not only dairy milk but also plant-based milk!

    Hyunah Lee Hyunah Lee

  • Curl formers, the perfect curly hair look without heat
    • 01/2021
    • BEAUTY

    Curl formers, the perfect curly hair look without heat

    Many consumers, especially in the US, have been trying to obtain the perfect curly hair look… A new kind of tool stands out: the curl formers (24K posts on Instagram and 23M views on Tiktok with the hashtag #curlformers). Consumers appreciate the results this gentle technique offers, even though it requires keeping the curl formers in overnight. Users with all kinds of hair types, from straight to kinky hair, seem to be giving the curl formers a go!

    Juliette David Juliette David

  • Could Tofu noodles be the next Konjac noodles?
    • 12/2020
    • FOOD

    Could Tofu noodles be the next Konjac noodles?

    In South Korea, tofu noodles appear to be the most hyped healthy and tasty food right now. There are no less than 10K Instagram posts with the hashtags #Tofunoodles or #Tofunoodlescooking, with a high increase of their using since August 2020. Koreans enjoy this plant-based vegan protein dish, which is very easy to cook in different ways. They appreciate its low calories and carbs content too. We suspect it may attract Western consumers who love plant-based foods very soon.

    Hyunah Lee Hyunah Lee

  • Hair growth devices
    • 11/2020
    • BEAUTY

    Hair growth devices

    Hair loss has become a top health and wellbeing concern for Millennials in China. This topic - deemed complicated and difficult to tackle – is largely expressed by both frustrated men and women. While some users turn to traditional treatments such as shampoos, tonics or Chinese medicine, others are convinced by the high-tech touch and try hair growth devices. Consumers particularly appreciate that devices integrate well with their lifestyle.

    Sabrina Lin Sabrina Lin

  • Plant-based Keto: when two major trends collide
    • 11/2020
    • FOOD

    Plant-based Keto: when two major trends collide

    Although the combination of both plant-based and keto may seem impossible to some, consumers are proving that there are a plethora of options available and it just takes a little creativity. Avocado fries or cauliflower rice are often mentioned by dieters as well as various sources of vegetable protein and fat like tofu, nuts or vegetable oils. Brands are taking notice of consumers' changing behaviors as new plant-based keto products hit the shelves proving that the Plant-based Keto market will undoubtedly continue to expand.

    Michelle Algazi Michelle Algazi

    • 10/2020
    • BEAUTY

    "Dark-skinned beauty" hits China

    While having white and fair skin remains the dominating beauty standard, women with natural tan skin color are increasingly comfortable with themselves. Chinese women are now accepting that tan skin can make them look confident and unique. For many who are hesitant to tan their skin, fake tan creams and darker shade foundations are their safe choices. Some even try with photo application filters to see if they can step into the "dark-skinned beauty" adventure!

    Sabrina Lin Sabrina Lin

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